Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WIW: December '12 recap

Ok, so I'm no fashionista, but I'm super excited to
show off what I wore in December.
Because most of this stuff was hanging in my closet.
That means I didn't have to buy much.
I give all the credit to Pinterest.
Making closet shopping fashionable one day at a time!
I had everything but the scarf.
That scarf was from Target.
Red skinnies, denim shirt, old man fleece cardi.
Dress, tights, ankle boots, purchased eons ago.
Red grandpa cardi new from Target.
This was my get up for Caitlin's school program!
Black skinnies from Old Navy, new.
Red Christmas sweater after Christmas 2011 purchase.
Denim shirt, layering tank, from the closet.
This is my "room mom on Christmas party day" look.
This blazer is blue velvet and
refereed to as my Willy Wonka jacket.
The lace shirt was an October
American Eagle clearance
purchase ($14.99)
Old Navy skinnies (new)
and boots (so last year...)
All items pictured were
bought the precious year.
I'm also make up free,
day old hair, and red cupped.
I gotta say this one is my favorite.
I mixed prints for the first time.
I love red stripped
anything prior to Christmas.
The shirt is a Gap Body
that I wore when preggo
with Mac (2009ish)
The puffy vest was a
Christmas gift the year
I got married (2005).
All just chillin in my closet.
Christmas just isn't Christmas
without A Christmas Story on TV.
New Christmas flannel PJs.
And new woolly slippers.
I've never said I'm a fashion blogger.
I just play one sometimes on my blog.


  1. I love your momma fashion! Especially the white lace shirt, jacket & boots - LOVE!!

  2. Love it!! Red has to be your signature color! You rocked these looks!

  3. Love them all...especially the Christmas sweater..I may need one of those!

  4. Love them all...especially the Christmas sweater..I may need one of those!

  5. The first and second outfit are my favorite!

    ...I have been realizing this Christmas that I need a nordic sweater bad for the next year.